Why Sinead O’Connor’s nipple on the cover of Hot Press is a complicated anomaly

Jun. 3, 2019 by

In 1990, Sinéad O’Connor featured on the cover of Hot Press depicted nude as a recreation of Madonna & Child. It’s a complicated moment in Irish pop culture

The cross-cultural branding of artists on the covers of Hot Press and Rolling Stone is a problem

Mar. 15, 2019 by

It bothers me that only a minority of socially impactful academic research is communicated effectively to the public. Coming from that side of things, I understand the massive time constraints that researchers are under, which ultimately results in a lop-sided

Dead Horse Jive backstage interview at Electric Picnic 2018

Jan. 29, 2019 by

Electric Picnic 2018 was jam packed with music and comedy and every kind of weird that you can think of. We had a great weekend, which was made even better when I got to sit down with one of the

Nationwide research project to investigate branding, gender and music in Ireland

Jan. 18, 2019 by

A new nationwide music research project invites participation, to investigate branding, gender, and music Ireland.

PUZZLEvents returns to the Boat Club in October with fully loaded line-up

Aug. 11, 2018 by

Following a brief hiatus after a Balter farewell party, the heavy bass loving crew PUZZLEvents are returning this coming October. To mark the occasion they’ve put together a chunky line-up with a special UK headliner. It’s a jam packed affair

A site for change: Woman are Boring continue to shift perceptions of women in research

Aug. 9, 2018 by

Women are Boring is a digital footprint with a unique agenda – to provide a platform for critical research undertaken by women worldwide. Since 2016, WaB has developed into the nucleus for a very special kind of subversive orbit. Today

Foxy Jangle Galway record launch to host cutting edge UK jungle producer in August

Jul. 31, 2018 by

Since Foxy Jangle smoothly arose from the underbelly of the jungle scene earlier this year, the jungle-focused and unofficially more eccentric sister label to Rua Sound has supported and released music from two critical music producers – Sully, Kid Lib

Last of the summer sweat: Gash Collective are throwing a bank holiday garage/house party

Jul. 31, 2018 by

On Saturday, August 4, the Galway based music agents Gash Collective are hosting a specially curated garage and house party down at the much loved session bar Bierhaus. Headlining the night is Staxx Lyrical, DJ and radio host on Dublin

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