Spread (Zine)

In 2019, Lazer Guided Reporter launched a new Dublin based zine, Spread. A collaborative project between Yvonne Kiely (LGR) and Mairead Mullan (visual artist), Spread is a lively new space for music, sex, and DIY culture in Ireland, published quarterly each year. With Spread we aim to create an interactive space for readers and to have critical conversations around these topics and we certainly welcome submissions. The topics of these conversations can be marginalised, popularised, or mainstream – it is how these topics are addressed and framed by the author that matters to us.

Read about the launch of Spread here: New Dublin Zine Launching at Sex Worker Art Exhibition.

OPEN CALL for Spread Issue #2

**OPEN CALL for art and written works for new Dublin-based zine for music, sex, and DIY culture in Ireland. **

Spread welcomes written and visual works for inclusion in their second issue. This is the first time that Spread will be open to contributions from the public.

The theme for issue two is ‘Data’, and submissions can address this topic through a variety of forms, including mixed media, photography, illustration, graphic design, prose, poetry, reviews, fiction, non-fiction, criticism, interviews, and essays. We particularly welcome work which provides an interactive experience for readers. Submissions do not need to be focussed on Ireland but should fall under one of the three core topics (music / sex / DIY culture).

The deadline for submissions is 11pm, Sunday April 12, 2020.

Written submissions should be previously unpublished, and all long form pieces should be no more than 1,500 words, size 12 font, in word doc format.

Visual submissions should be sent in CMYK, resolution 300dpi, max size 16x12cm.

Spread is published independently by Lazer Guided Reporter. (www.lazerguidedreporter.com)

Spread has a number of ad spaces available. A limited number of free spaces are available for volunteer groups, charities, and not for profit organisations.

To enquire about ad space contact lgrsounds@gmail.com

Written submissions to: lgrsounds@gmail.com

Visual submissions to: marsxmullan@gmail.com

Spread is independently published and at this stage is not in a position to pay contributors. We aim to work towards a model that rewards contributors for their work.

Facebook: @SpreadIreland
Instagram: @SpreadZine

Poster design by: Mairead Mullan
Instagram: @marsxmullan

You can find us every 3 months at an event (primarily in Dublin) whether our own event or one that we have been offered a platform at. We would also like to have a presence in book stores, music stores, bars, and adult boutiques around Ireland – if you are a business owner who would like to get in touch about stocking copies of Spread please do get in touch with: Yvonne Kiely, lgrsounds[at]gmail[dot]com

Monthly Newsletter

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Read our newsletter archive: spread.substack.com

Email lgrsounds@gmail.com to join.


Submissions for Issue #2 are now open. Guidelines and deadlines for written and visual submissions will be posted here and on our Facebook page.

Written submissions: lgrsounds@gmail.com

Visual submissions: marsxmullan@gmail.com

Order Online (Republic of Ireland / Northern Ireland / United Kingdom postage only)

Spread Issue #1 (blue / yellow) ONLY 3 AVAILABLE (email postage address to lgrsounds[at]gmail[dot]com)

Featuring: Exclusive insight into gender dynamics in Ireland's music industry. Critique of gender in film. New music and gig listings. Interactive DIY politics. Original art work. Interview with a music publishing expert. First hand accounts of sex work in Ireland. Classic album review. Ireland's DIY directory.


Read a preview of Spread Issue #1

View our photo gallery from the art exhibition which hosted the launch of Spread