LGR is owned and run by music journalist, researcher and editor Yvonne Kiely. A blend of music writing, research and commentary, this website has its roots in Ireland and its eyes and ears in the global music industries. LGR is the publisher of Spread, Ireland’s zine for music, sex and DIY culture.

Listen back here to an interview I gave for Griffith College about my research publications and feminist projects.

I’ve written for: Nialler9 / The Chatbot / Chatbots Life / Chatbots Magazine

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A zine for music, sex and DIY culture in Ireland and sold by the art book store The Library Project. Cut and pasted in Dublin. Spread is published by Lazer Guided Reporter. Find out how to purchase your copy of Spread here: https://lazerguidedreporter.com/spread-zine/

Academic Publications

Kiely, Yvonne (2020) “Music Magazines and Gendered Space: The Representation of Artists on the Covers of Hot Press and Rolling Stone,” Irish Communication Review: Vol. 17: Iss. 1, Article 5. Available at: https://arrow.tudublin.ie/icr/vol17/iss1/5

Paper in Media Narratives in Popular Music, forthcoming with Bloomsbury Academic. Read the book abstract.

Academic presentations

‘In Plain Sight: Transatlantic Discourses of Gender Representation on the Covers of Hot Press and Rolling Stone’ presented at Exploring Gender Dynamics in the Music Industry symposium, University of Groningen, The Netherlands, 2019.

‘Music Magazines and Gendered Space: The Crisis of Representation in the Industry’s Decline’ presented at Taking Back the Web, Critical Media Literacy Conference at Technological University Dublin, 2018.

FACTS 2020 Survey / Official Ireland Launch

The female:pressure FACTS survey is a continuous project, undertaken by volunteer members of the female:pressure network, that quantifies the gender distribution of artists performing at electronic music festivals worldwide. FACTS has been published since 2013 by female:pressure. I act as the data gatherer for Ireland’s festivals.

Read FACTS 2020 report