The best music video from our time in lockdown: Drew Makes Noise, ‘Your Garden Grows’

After writing an ode to his garden, and to psychedelia, psych-pop-rock songwriter Drew Makes Noise created a video to accompany his latest single ‘Your Garden Grows’ which was released on June 11. From Belfast, Drew Makes Noise has wasted no time in planting a flag for his sound and drawing attention to his unique creative endeavours. His debut single ‘Satellite‘ made a good first impression, again showing strong musical and visual craftsmanship, in collaboration with friend Deci Gallen who helped shoot the video.

The supercharged display of the mundane and out there Flaming Lips feel of ‘Your Garden Grows’ really does it for me, and I’m holding this one up as the best music video to come from our time in lockdown.

About his taste in music, Drew says “I loved big ornate pop songs, think everything from Deee-light to Bros, but then when the guitar entered my life I went full on bedroom grunge. The grunge and pop punk bands are something that was really in my blood when I was forming my first bands. That stuff is tied to my young rebel spirit. Then I got into lo-fi stuff via Pavement and Grandaddy. I love big dance acts like Groove Armada and Basement Jaxx. Then lots of lovely psychedelic stuff like The Lips, Rev, Super Furries all the way up to Tame Impala and Animal Collective. So yeah, I’d love to be in a band that sounded like New Kids on the Bloc but with fuzz pedals and a sheet of Orange Sunshine. I really like listening to writers and film directors about how they create, especially since dipping my toe in the music video world“.

And about future gigs, “I had my debut (and 2nd) gig as Drew Makes Noise cancelled due to Covid. It was a bit heartbreaking really. I had been alone with these songs for quite some time. Getting them out to a recording studio and to rehearse live was quite the journey for me. And just as me and my band, who are called The Big Waow, were starting to feel amazing about how these songs were sounding, the rug got pulled. I haven’t rescheduled the debut show just yet, but the minute I get word that things are back on we will get a date. Please keep an eye on our socials”

Watch ‘Your Garden Grows’ from Drew Makes Noise.

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