Grassroots compilation A Litany of Failures Vol. 3 now available to pre-order

The anticipated third volume of A Litany of Failures, a series of ambitious compilations of brand new music from acts across Ireland has been announced with 22 tracks and a release date of October 2.

A Litany Of Failures began with the release of Volume 1 in 2016. This EP released on CD/Cassette featured Junk Drawer, Oh Boland, Shrug Life and That Snaake and was launched with an Irish tour that summer. Volume II grew from this two years later into a vinyl release of 18 artists (including No Monster Club, Cherym, Hot Cops, Alien She, Blue Whale and Dott) and a series of shows across Ireland. The series represents a joining together of creative minds and energies across music communities with collective intention and a show of solidarity – an incredibly valuable quality of the people who work and create in our arts industries. Volume II received high praise from listeners and reviewers, and you can imagine this series as a method of showcasing the talent on our island with bold certainty in their substance and grit, saying: “look at what we have here around us, take notice and get involved”.

The latest installment of the series features first time contributions from acts such as Silverbacks, Robocobra Quartet, Extravision, Autre Monde, The Bonk, Post Punk Podge and exclusively features the first released music from new projects in the form of Fifty Years of Hair (Postcard Versions/Girl Band’s Dara Kiely), The Golden Cleric (Shrug Life/Girlfriend/That Snaake), Grave Goods (Girls Names, Pins, September Girls), SORBET (Robocobra Quartet’s Chris Ryan).

The 22 track double 12” vinyl is available for pre-order now on Bandcamp prior to its release on October 2. It will be accompanied by a limited edition zine, featuring written & visual contributions from featured artists – the first 25 orders will come with a free copy of the zine, designed by Beibhinn Delaney. The record is manufactured by Dublin Vinyl and features artwork by Pipe & Pallet.

Pre-order on Bandcamp

Have a look at the tracklist to get a feel for LOF-003

Junk Drawer – Tears In Costa

The Bonk – Thick Lines on Thick Film

Silverbacks – A Roof For Life

Grave Goods – Juice

Oh Boland – Living Island (Was a Carpet Shop)

Golden Cleric – Nice Guys™

Girlfriend – Laura

That Snaake – Keep Calm and Carry Your Coffins

Problem Patterns – TERFs Out

Post Punk Podge &  – Still At The Music

Robocobra Quartet – I Love You

Extravision – Fire

Careerist – Pitter Patter

Handsome Eric – Bruxism

Mob Wife – Wrist

Slouch – I Get What’s Mine

Hey Rusty – Van Zandt

Fifty Years of Hair – Drink All The Paint

Rising Damp – Cannibal

SORBET – The Candle

Percolator – Freshin

Autre Monde – Didn’t Want

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