“Sitting in admissions with a bag of my stuff” – Fears and a song about living

The lyrics of Constance Keane, the voice of Fears, speak about her experience with the edge. ‘Two_’ is a song that draws a picture of being on the edge of a fragile boundary between reality and unreality. But there is a sense of hope within the music and lyrics. The self-produced single was commissioned by the Northern Ireland Mental Health Arts festival which takes place from today May 18 until May 24.

 “Creativity was, and still is, such a huge part of recovery for me, so to be part of a festival showcasing the creativity of people with mental health issues is incredible. I think when it comes to budget cuts for the mental health sector, creative resources are too often the first to go, so it’s great to see a group celebrating the significance of being creative in maintaining positive mental health.” Fears

Constance draws from her own experiences in ‘Two_’ and the lyrics are a poignant act of bravery.

“It’s important for me to discuss the topic of self harm; it’s something I’ve been trying to figure out how to approach for a while now. I don’t endorse self harm. It’s an unhealthy coping mechanism when you’re distressed; but it’s also incredibly common. Within the improving awareness and discussion around mental health, I feel self harm still carries the weight of secrecy and shame. I have lines on my leg from hurting myself a few years ago. They’re most likely going to be there for a very long time.”

I think it’s important to remember our own limits as people when we’re creating art and living. Emotionally, we’re just human. And it’s alright to remember that. Fears has gotten involved with this event to produce this song and write about her own experience receiving inpatient treatment in hospital and her journey to now. The video is a grounding piece of work which reminds us of our own family, our own friends and our own ordinary, extraordinary, life which can become all the more important to us when we feel ourselves slipping. Eyes closed, the release from Fears is a relatable conversation. Eyes open, it’s a positive affirmation of being here, today.

Watch the video

Stream and purchase ‘Two_’

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