Kids in the Sky video from Das Kope: a psych vision for our summer in isolation

It was unlikely that Los Angeles-via-Brazil artist Das Kope envisaged that his video premiere for ‘Kids in the Sky’, a song about kids escaping from Earth because the world is ending, would coincide with such an appropriate reality. Two weeks ago the video premiered on PAPER Magazine following the release of Das Kope’s album, Where I Live earlier in April.

Das Kope says now the song feels less like a psychedelic fantasy, and a bit too close to home. ‘Kids in the Sky’ takes the viewer through radioactive surreal artistry and a dream-like narrative of escapism. As if the world is an old physics engine from a game that is glitching and trying to revolt. Produced and directed by Das Kope, it’s really well crafted and a good accompanying piece of art for the song.

Where I Live is an eleven track lo-fi psychedelic album that would appeal to fans of Tame Impala, Blockhead and Eoin Dolan. It’s a fantastic debut that reminds me of warm, mind altering festival memories – memories that will have to keep me going until 2021.

Watch ‘Kids in the Sky’

Stream Where I live

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