New single ‘Carpet Grave’ by Easy Tide

The discography of Meath trio Easy Tide feels to me like a selection of moments from a person’s life represented in a song, with garage rock storytelling that makes me think about The Cramps or an Oh Sees memory from 2011. The latest single from Aaron Dunphy, Steven Rafferty and Mark Carolan, ‘Carpet Grave’ is a good example of a DIY vibe and thrashed out sound that is also thoughtfully produced and presented. It was recorded in Fennor Lane studios, which they described in an interview a few years ago as their HQ.

Having listened back over their music over the years I would love to see them take a chance on something, because they’ve a strong foundation laid down already. Comparing this release to When the Pills Don’t Work (2019) leaves me wanting something more. I think the song could benefit from more experimentation, sonically, which could mean anything from instrumentation or the arrangement of music and lyrics – whatever experimentation would mean to them. Still, it’s a solid piece of music from a group who can obviously deliver the goods, and the second song on the release ‘Don’t Be Afraid’ is a strong companion to the title track.

You can purchase Easy Tide’s music on Bandcamp.

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