Self Love Songs compilation will donate all earnings to support women survivors

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. Over the past few weeks, Venus Ex Machina has been gathering the music of female:pressure members in order to create a compilation of sounds called Self Love Songs. The aim of Self Love Songs is to raise awareness of the continued struggle that women face in every corner of the world.

“While there have been steps forward in the shape of the Me Too Movement and a shifting cultural tide, there is still more work to do to end rape culture, so to mark the occasion of Sexual Assault Awareness month, we have come up with a compilation of music from members of the far-reaching female:pressure network.

Self Love Songs is a charity compilation by members of the female:pressure network curated by Venus Ex Machina. 100% of proceeds from the compilation will be donated to Women for Women International, a humanitarian organisation that provides practical and moral support to women survivors of wartime sexual violence”

The album features strong and moving pieces of work, which draw inspiration from melodic electronica, techno, instrumental, and personal narratives. It’s a fantastic album of solidarity.

Self Love Songs is available across all streaming platforms. You can purchase it on Bandcamp here.

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