The Curly Organ to conclude series of participatory performances at Salthill Bandstand

In a series of unique participatory performances at the Salthill Bandstand, running from June 11 to August 1, The Curly Organ will give his final show next Wednesday.

The Curly Organ began this exploration of semi-improvised musical numbers, using his voice as an instrument and the goodwill of audience members, to create songs that engage people with on-the-spot creativity and collaboration. The Curly Organ is a solo-project of musician and artist Donal McConnon, who is also known for his clarinet playing and all round musical astuteness with the band My Fellow Sponges.

The debut of The Curly Organ was marked by a 4 EP release in July 2017. The EPs feature Donal’s original music with musical support from members of My Fellow Sponges, all of which are self-produced. ‘In the Age of Awkward Dance’, the fourth release, is a standout record – though the whole bunch are excellent.

You can join The Curly Organ in his final performance next Wednesday at 7pm, Salthill Bandstand.

Main photo credit: TomsBaugis/Flickr

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