New Made in Galway playlist celebrates local talent

If you’ve ever wished to have a dedicated space for Galway music just a few finger taps away (why wouldn’t you?), then you’re going to like this.

Playlist for artist visibility and voice

Made in Galway came onto the scene a number of weeks ago with the aim of supporting and celebrating local talent. The playlist, available on Spotify, currently holds songs by 28 artists across a broad range of genres – namely rock n’ roll, folk, pop, and electronic music. Made in Galway’s Facebook page is another warm and friendly space for Galway artists, and regularly keeps people updated about new music and gigs.

This is definitely a welcome addition to the music scene in Galway. If you live here or have ever visited then you know that the artists and the music are an essential part of day-to-day life. Walking from Quay Street to Shop Street, or from Eglinton Street to Eyre Square, there’s music out in the open or in pubs and venues dotted across the city centre.

The arts scene does need community support

Despite opposition from local artists and citizens, Galway City Council recently passed new bye-laws which will place tight restrictions on busking in the city. Busking is very often the medium through which artists in Galway have found, and do find their sound and share their music. It’s part of the character of the city. However, bureaucracy and politics very often take centre stage. Not only that, but if you have ever tried shouting across the digital landscape as an artist, a writer or promoter, you’ll quickly find that visibility is a serious issue in the music industry – which is why initiatives like Made in Galway are so important.

Find Made in Galway on Facebook and Spotify.

Photo credit: Skruk/Flickr

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