Support in Self Isolation #3: #Stayathome sessions w/ WOB!

Serbian/Irish electronic music producer WOB! launched a series of live streams when Ireland went into near total lockdown in March 2020. He began by interviewing people from Ireland’s music industry, and in session #6 he interviewed Lazer Guided Reporter, A.K.A Yvonne Kiely. I chatted with WOB! about feminism in music, and my own research about image culture in the music industry. We delved into sex education in Ireland and how inadequate it is. This led to a discussion about sharing images online, privacy, and sexual attitudes. Of course, we had to give viewers some advice about how to keep a healthy (and spicy) sex life during the crisis.

Earlier this year I reviewed Odysseus, the upcoming EP from WOB!, which is due to drop in April 2020 (you can listen to the debut track on Soundcloud now). Keep an eye out for the release, and you can read the review while you wait: Latest EP from WOB! shows strong technique and inspiration from Greek myth

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