Latest EP from WOB! shows strong technique and inspiration from Greek myth

Odysseus, the latest EP from producer and multi-instrumentalist WOB! has made me thing about the creative journey. A creative project originates from somewhere in our mind. We feet it, it exists in abstraction, far away from tangible reality, and we have an intangible sense of what it is. Ultimately, we aim to draw it out of ourselves to give it from and life. Hopefully, it survives the journey.

The journey is the subject of Odysseus, a 6 track multi-genre release inspired by the virtues embodied by the protagonist of Homer’s epic tale, who endeavours to return home to Ithaca while facing enormous obstacles. Apart from a metaphorical journey, it is also a demonstration of craftsmanship, and of WOB’s multifaceted technique as a producer. The featured track ‘Stay Together’ is a slow melodic and gently reassuring piece of electronic composition that draws us into the musical journey. ‘I Love Your Smile’ shifts pace and bpm into a rhythmic uplift. ‘My Comedown (The Lotus Eaters)’ takes a darker turn, but has moments of light brought about by synth interruptions and quick footed basement rhythms. ‘Run (feat. Eoin Martin)’ is an expressions of genre busting intentions by WOB! Electro-synth storytelling, pop inspired lyricism, Mediterranean acoustics, and classic funk guitar riffs stand in contrast to ‘I Choose You (feat. Sarah O’Connor)’, a spoken word love poem and the most tender moment in the EP. Our journey ends with a gentle parting of the clouds and a heart racing finish in ‘Bruise Your Ego (WOB! remix)’.

The concept that WOB! delivers – Odysseus’s journey, and a love story – is one that can mean something very different depending on the person, and I’m taking my own meaning from it. My only negative criticism is that the intended concept loses its legs a bit during the experience and could have been stronger throughout the six tracks. However as a whole, Odysseus works extremely well as an expression of compositional dexterity and technique.

Track one, ‘Stay Together’ is out now on Spotify and Soundcloud.

Odysseus will be released in April 2020.

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