Support in Self Isolation #1: COVID-19 Online Resources

For everyone who is self-isolating and staying at home there is the opportunity of time alongside the crisis. Regularly throughout our time in lock down I will share useful and interesting online resources, such as open documents created by music communities, feminist e-books, books to order online, music podcasts, feminist podcasts and communities.

This first one is very important. It’s called COVID-19 Online Resources, and it was shared in our network at the onset of government lock downs, closures of businesses, and of course, the closure of the live music industry. It is organised into sections. First, general resources that are useful to people everywhere. Then, it is broken down into countries. Please feel free to add any useful links to verified sources of information, whether it is music related or not. You can see that there are links to funds for freelancers, volunteer groups that help vulnerable people such as sex workers, the socially isolated and drug users, and informative newspaper articles. The music community is a strong one that intersects with other communities, and the variety of resources shared in this doc demonstrates that.

For artists who are looking to generate income and visibility online in this new industry, this section in particular written by journalist Cherie Hu is extremely useful:


Link to the full COVID-19 Resource Sharing doc:

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