Foxy Jangle Galway record launch to host cutting edge UK jungle producer in August

Since Foxy Jangle smoothly arose from the underbelly of the jungle scene earlier this year, the jungle-focused and unofficially more eccentric sister label to Rua Sound has supported and released music from two critical music producers – Sully, Kid Lib – and is about to release a third.

Tim Reaper is a London based breakbeat producer who will be playing in Ireland for the first time at the Foxy Jangle 3 Record Launch in Galway. Tim released his first full solo EP on 7th Storey Projects earlier this year and has been doing some stylish damage to the jungle scene over the past 3+ years. Foxy3 is two bangers and mash, featuring collaboration from Sonar’s Ghost, and is available for pre-order on all good wax vendors: Red Eye Records, Deejay, 7th Storey Projects.

Tim Reaper will be joining Welfare (Foxy Jangle/Rua Sound) and Crux (SubVersion/Alkalinear Records) on August 18, The Loft, Galway.

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