From cobblestones to studio: Galway Street Club announce debut album & Irish tour

Nothing beats being outside with live music, where there are no lines drawn between the sounds and the spectators. No stages or separation. That’s one of the things that makes Galway unique. The buskers and street performers who contribute something to the personality of the city – and it wouldn’t be the same without them.

The streetside stage of Galway

Galway Street Club formed in 2016, with a handful of members and a variety of instruments and sounds. Later on the group grew, and became the dozen-or-so-sometimes-less, vivacious multi-instrumental shindig on Shop St. that you just have to stop and listen to. This band brings together the free feeling of street music, improv, and some sort of pleasurable chaos. They have synergy with each other. And it’s fucking good.

A few days ago Galway Street Club announced that their debut album, Sovereign State of Madness, will be released this coming March. And to promote and celebrate its release they are embarking on a six-gig Irish tour. With a passion for playing, they’ve been gigging all over the country since they formed, and knowledge of their performances has gone beyond our windy island.

Here’s one we all know.

And here’s the plan for the tour:

Galway – Roisin Dubh, March 17th (Two Shows)
Dublin – Whelan’s, March 21st
Limerick – Dolans Warehouse, March 30th
Sligo – Tricky McGarrigles, March 31st
Castleisland – With The Mad Ones, April 1st

Watch their Facebook page for more news about the tour and tickets.

With gusto.

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