Jamnesty: music and protesting the Eighth Amendment

The State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right. (EIGHTH AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION ACT, 1983)

Tomorrow evening is for activism and music. The NUIG Amnesty Society is hosting a night of music in aid of Amnesty International’s campaign “It’s Time. Repeal the 8th”, to help fund their efforts to raise awareness, and inform the public about this issue. It’s going to take place upstairs in The Loft at 7pm, with four live acts and a large amount of unity.

Unifying voices – Amnesty at the national & international level

The NUIG Amnesty Society was founded in 2015, and are active voices in several campaigns such as #NotaCriminal, and issues that affect refugees and asylum seekers. Amnesty International has been leading investigations into global injustice and human rights for over five decades. In recent years they have led investigations into the exploitation of palm oil harvesters and children who supply brands like P&G, Palmolive, and Nestlé, and they have taken a firm stance on the need to recognise and provide legislative and social support for the rights of sex workers. Their campaign “It’s Time. Repeal the 8th” is a campaign for bodily autonomy, which supports the right of all women to have complete sexual and reproductive freedom, and choice.

Jamming for a cause

Playing on the night are four acts. The night hosts local band, jazz-folk songwriters and multi-instrumentalist performers, My Fellow Sponges, who have been gigging nationwide, festivalwide, and also released a new single late last year. Dundalk folk band Nix Moon will also be performing, taking the cause to another level of folk-psychedelia and genre experimentation. Breaking from the folk-groove is the Dublin based five piece hip-hop group Loud Motive, who bring together conscious music with a fusion of jazz, soul, and clashing instrumental rhythms. Hip-hop and R&B duo, Hendrick Lane are also bringing the Dublin vibes, with their own lyrical talent and the momentum from the release of their single ‘Tokyo’ last year.

While these groups will be (literally) centre stage, the point of tomorrow night’s event is to bring people together under one roof and one cause. Buying a ticket means you contribute resources to Amnesty’s campaign. Attending the gig means you show solidarity, and the gig is above all else an invitation to get involved. You can check out the event here.

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