Sos. is a new music event promoting positive mental health & social inclusion in Galway

Sos. is a new voluntary run event in Galway that will be hosting its first night of music and performance this Saturday, 7pm at Nuns Island Theatre. Admission is free, and the event is open to all age groups.

Community initiatives are driving positive social change forward

According to the Healthy Ireland Survey 2016 which was conducted from September 2015 and May 2016, twenty percent of the 7,498 respondents stated that they currently have, or have had a mental health problem. Overall, fifty-two percent claimed that they have had some experience of people with mental health problems. And all age groups reported some kind of contact with mental health issues. Last year in the updated National Action Plan for Social Inclusion 2015-2017, the Government extended its commitment to improving the social lives of citizens, and set out targets for achieving positive change.

Both of the above documents represent these issues at a very broad, elevated level. Where we can see changes occurring and initiatives taking shape is at the ground level, in organic processes that are created by local people in communities. Within our local community here in Galway, people have been coming together to create support networks for social inclusion, and positive well being.

Sos. supports people through music and creativity

Run in partnership with The Galway Arts Centre, Galway City Council, and The UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, Sos. is creating an outlet for people of all ages and backgrounds to take part in musical events, and express themselves through creative opportunities. The aim is to provide an inclusive space that will support positive mental health, and social inclusion in the local community. The events are alcohol and drug free, and open to anyone that wishes to take part.

The first event this Saturday will open with music from DJ Graham Dolan, and will be followed by an all ages open mic. The night will end with performances from two local bands. Galway-based rock group JANAJ, and garage band Dott will sound out the rest of the evening. For those who like to nibble at something, refreshments will be provided on the night by local business Mr. Waffle.

It’s incredibly important for people of all ages to have an outlet for creativity, and the opportunity to engage with other people in the community. People, such as you and I, have the ability to create pockets of monumental social change in the spaces around us through single positive actions. If you would like to get in touch with Sos. you can contact them at

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