Birthday celebrations at The Black Gate Cultural Centre this weekend

Celebrating their one year anniversary this weekend at 7pm, The Black Gate Cultural Centre is hosting an evening of jazz music, great wine, cheese, and of course, great company.

Over the past year, The Black Gate has created a welcoming space for music and culture in Galway, which has added richness and warmth to the surrounding community. Whether you’ve enjoyed a gig for the Jazz Festival, attended an intimate literary reading, eaten delicious food from the Middle East, or surprised yourself with your extensive knowledge of films at one of their quiz nights, you’ll have felt those welcoming vibes.

The Black Gate began as an idea in the minds of Peadar King and Eamonn Day Lavelle, who have been involved with the arts scene in Galway for several years. Last January, that idea came to life. It’s a blend of cultural events, tasty select menus with local ingredients, cosy decor, and wine of your choosing by the glass. And of course, the staff that bring it all together.

My first time at the Black Gate was for a gig where a friend and I drank a few (very) nice glasses of wine and enjoyed the band downstairs. The night ended with the two of us sitting upstairs at the bar in conversation the two bar tenders about the arts scene in Galway, and the closure of the Galway Independent newspaper. As it neared a later hour we didn’t even realise that we were the last two punters there – they hadn’t asked us to leave, probably because they were just so sound about it. It’s that kind of warmth that I’m talking about. And just to clarify, we did leave when we realised that we were chatting the night away.

This birthday party won’t have goodie bags, but it will have a 5 piece surprise jazz-super-group:

“We’ve had an amazing year basking in the talents and charisma of some of the finest musicians and artists from Ireland and abroad, and we’ve asked five of them to form a one-night-only-Jazz-super-group, and to play next Saturday night” – The Black Gate crew

When: Saturday 20 January, 7pm

Where: The Black Gate Cultural Centre, Francis St.

What: Jazzmatazz

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