Stuff we like: music and poetry from yer mates

All this time, so much art. Here are a few things that have been licking our love pump. In a completely appropriate way.



It’s been cool bliss listening to Gaolbyrd experimenting with demos for a future EP. He’s asking for listener’s opinions as to which ones should be selected for recording. You can listen and cast your vote via Soundcloud or Gaolbyrd’s FB page.

Katie Geraldine O’Neill

Earlier in March, artist Katie released a new piece of work called ‘Mouth’ with Luminal Noise Records. It’s an audio-visual pleasure. You can check out her other projects on her website.

New Pope

The second album from New Pope was released earlier this month. Love is an uplift and one of my favourite things to come out of 2020. You can listen on Spotify and purchase on Bandcamp.


A gift from somewhere, Tadhg is a singer-songwriter whose passion for his art helps create an unforgettable live experience. You can watch Tadhg via one of his live streams on FB.


Beau Williams

Poet Beau Williams made my week when I received a customised poem written by him and inspired by a prompt of my own making. It’s called The Old Church Takes the Storm and it’s beautiful. You can get in touch with him via his FB page or his website.

Sarah O’Connor

My introduction to poet Sarah O’Connor was at an open mic in Dublin. Since then I’ve had the pleasure of reading 8 Poems, a collection of her writing bound and published. She has a new book of poems on the horizon. You can read more about Sarah on her website.

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