A fine vintage of Galway gigs: May 29 – June 4

Wednesday May 30

MttM presents “And Now for SoMEThiNG coMPLeTeLY DiFFeReNT !” @ The Black Gate Cultural Centre, 8:30pm. €5

Following their debut interesting-ly improv performance earlier this year, Mayfly to the Moon are back for a cosy orchestral performance at The Black Gate. Mayfly to the Moon are a collective of artists in Galway, and an experimental group who will be presenting a performance ‘from scratch’, which means that the music you’ll hear them perform will be unrehearsed and will evolve in real time. Conducted by Alain Halimi, with instruments ranging from clarinet, drums, trumpet, voices, double bass, guitar, flutes, violins, and sudoku (yes, I think so), this concert is something that you’ve never heard before. And most likely, the artists have never heard before either.

Thursday May 31

Ryan Vail & Anna Mullarkey @ The Róisín Dubh, 9pm. Free entry

This Thursday the regular and eternal music night Strange Brew presents Ryan Vail and Anna Mullarkey at the Róisín Dubh. Ryan Vail is a composer, instrumentalist and musical artist who moves between genres and media to create multi-faceted listening experience. Since his 2016 debut album entitled For Every Silence, Ryan has recorded music across blends of electronica, classical music and folk music, and this year will see the release of his new record, Distorted Shadows. Joining Ryan will be electro-acoustic singer and instrumentalist Anna Mullarkey, who has played in venues across Galway and Ireland with a penetrating music voice. You can hear a pin drop in the audience during her solo performances.

Sunday June 3

Galway Street Club at Roisin Dubh w/Gleewood @ The Róisín Dubh, 9pm. €5

On a whirlwind of success since their beginnings in 2016, Galway Street Club will be bringing their highly charged musical odyssey to the familiar stage of the Róisín Dubh this bank holiday Sunday. The 14 piece had been touring Europe earlier this year and their debut album Sovereign State Of Madness received high praise from Irish music publications, with Golden Plec describing it as “a mongrel of styles, refreshing in its originality and atmosphere”. Joining the group on the night are Gleewood, a rock ‘n’ roll and blues inspired trio from New Mexico. With all the soul of free form street performance and some added psychedelic Zepp infused guitar love, this is one not to be missed.

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