Part Two of ‘Investigating Gender in Music’ series to be released in May

Lazer Guided Reporter is delighted to announce that Part Two of the ‘Investigating Gender in Music’ series will be published on May 7.

This is the second part of a series which brings original music media research to the public, with the aim of stimulating a strong conversation about gender in the music industry and to also challenge the status quo of how we discuss gender equality, and the gender-media relationship.

Over forty years of gender on music magazine covers, with 8,721 individual categorisations were put under the microscope. A huge volume of data was collected, analysed and categorised. It is conclusive evidence that gender matters on music magazine covers. And it matters in very specific ways.

The ‘Investigating Gender in Music’ series began in May 2017, when the research initially started as an MA thesis entitled Why are there so few female Music Producers?. Since September last year, I have been adapting this research for publication here on LGR. Part One discussed gender visibility in the music industry, and the experiences of the women who were interviewed during these months. Part Two continues that discussion in greater depth, with original data and findings and a critical investigation of two of the world’s major music magazines.

More details about Part Two will follow in the coming days.

Journalists who would like a copy of the press release for Part Two should contact LGR by email:

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