Tickets for extra Mercury Rev gig on sale today

Rev and their ethereal opera are playing at the Róisín Dubh on April 21. Mercury Rev are a band that has been collecting and reshaping genres in their music for more than twenty years. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of one of their most remarkable albums, Deserter’s Songs, they’re playing a series of chilled out, intimate acoustic gigs across Europe.

Earlier this year the tickets for their Galway gig sold out in about two days. Defying the laws of nature, I was up at 9:30am to make sure I got one. In response to this, they have announced a second gig on that date, and tickets for this matinee performance have been on sale this this morning. The Róisín has not yet announced that they’ve sold out, which is good news for anyone who missed out the first time. The gig is at 3pm, and tickets are just €30 from the Róisín website, plus booking fee. Special guest, Lyla Foy will be joining on the night.

Mercury Rev have had a career with some notable contributions to experimental rock music. During the 1990s they released four studio albums which orchestrated a psychedelic, melodic soundtrack for the decade. Four more albums followed, with their latest in 2015, entitled The Light in You. Deserter’s Songs (1998) received widespread acclaim in the music industry, and this very special intimate gig brings that story to life.

Ten years ago I told myself I’d have the opportunity to see Mercury Rev live some day. Now, in my home town I will.

Photo Credit: Concert Photos.

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