Munky, Dead Horse Jive and Wayne Wilder to play the Roisín Dubh

Do you remember that song Kiss sang, about Jesus turning wine into rock & roll? Something along those lines is happening this week in Galway, only without the religion, miracles, or glam metal hymns.

Galway record label and artist collective, Citóg, presents a night with grunge funk band Munky, on Wednesday 8 November in the Roisín Dubh.

This image was taken without permission from the event page ❤

Munky are Dublin based headbanging disco, and if you punch the air while listening to their music, your hair grows two inches longer. This four piece are renowned for giving clear and concise interviews to music magazines, and for keeping their beer mats perpendicular to their copy of Rod Stewart’s autobiography. Their single Hunter Gatherer Blues was released earlier this year, and gives a taste of what’s to come this Wednesday.

Support on the night comes from Dead Horse Jive, and Wayne Wilder. Dead Horse Jive are a rock & roll band, with its pockets full of stories from that house party where the entire contents of the sitting room were found laid out in the back garden the next morning, and somebody ordered a Papa John’s pizza from inside a suitcase. These guys have been spreading the rock mantra far and wide, but they prefer the West for its creamy 99’s. Their EP, Last Days of the Craic, tells all.

Wayne Wilder is a Galway based blues, rock and folk musician, whose music is inspired by a Doors vinyl played backwards, with the first fifteen seconds of The Crystal Maze on in the background. Wayne has the lethal combination of years of musical experience, and the best hat you’ll see in a long time – you can check out his music here .

These musicians won’t turn your Kiss t-shirt into wine, but why would you want that anyway – your t-shirt is class. This gig is showcasing some of the best rock music talent in Ireland, and it’s also completely free. Doors at 9pm, check out the Roisín website for more.

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