5 new(ish) records that you need to hear (Issue #7) – Essential cloud listening

In the news: Irish pyromaniacs wave their freak flag for Halloween. An ever increasing number of public figures are accused of sexual harassment and assault, while hashtag creators brainstorm a new strategy. A new metro line has been confirmed for Dublin, which may allow speedier travel for the city’s [roughly] 4,000 homeless. And local bishop confuses religion with actual medical advice.

In the music: Music from the clouds – channels to follow and gems from Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

#1 Dream~Cycles: Morning~Gardening with Jenn, Ireland (ambient techno & downbeat electro)

Sunday mornings with Jennifer Moore, AKA DreamCycles, are zen gardens in your mind. Although sporadic in their frequency, with number three having been released earlier during the summer, DreamCycles’ music shows depth and experimentation. More of these, please.


#2 Phever, with select DJs 91.6FM, Ireland (Underground electronic dance music)

Ireland’s premiere pirate radio station, Phever, showcases the finest mixes and DJs in house and dance music. With its HQ in Dublin, Phever brings together homegrown Irish talent and special guests with the intention of firing up the underground. Featuring resident DJs such as Reggae Richie, Gary Egan of SmasHou5, and Rockwell.


#3 No-Go Zones with Low Jack and Moyo on Lyl Radio, Paris (Experimental, noise, undefined)

No-Go Zones is a monthly radio show on Paris radio station Lyl, hosted by producer Low Jack and Mind Records founder Moyo. The broadcast focuses on the most extreme forms of sound, and lacks a defined genre. You can expect heavy electronica, experimental classical, metal, punk, white noise, and sound bites.


#4 Kowloon Radio on Radio Campus Bruxelles 92.1FM with Rob DC, Belgium (underground sounds of jungle, grime, footwork)

On the last Saturday of every month, Rob DC presents a line up quality jungle and drum & bass music that features guest mixes and tunes from the subterranean musical landscape. Also one half of vinyl record label Rua Sound, Rob DC has his fingers in various parts of the industry and seems to have this down.

#4 STM on Secret Thirteen, Lithuania (Contemporary classical, industrial experimental)

Secret Thirteen is an underground music community that exhibits regular mixes and interviews, featuring various names in the contemporary and experimental music scene. Based in Vilnius, Lithuania, you can browse it’s collections and find just about anything from ambient classical, to industrial noise and punk.

Photo credit: nicoleeec/Flickr

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