5 new(ish) records that you need to hear (Issue #4)

In the news: Taoiseach Leo Varadkar calls Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald “cranky’’. George Hook is now going to let his thoughts dribble onto a mic on weekends instead of weekdays. An Garda Siochána is still trying to find out who broke all of the Crayola crayons. And at least seven asylum seekers in Ireland have been given eviction orders by the RIA and the Department of Justice.

In the music: bass, dirty punk rock, rap, jungle, ambient beats and uplifting collaborations.

#1 Motion in Field — Tom Rogerson & Brian Eno (September 2017)

Tom Rogerson, pianist and founder of the experimental music group Three Trapped Tigers, is collaborating with musician and producer Brian Eno on a new album entitled Finding Shore, which will be released in early December. ‘Motion in Field’ is the second track on the album. The track is a gentle fusion of minimal Moog keys and the piano’s light twirling melodies. You can have a listen here while you look at the album art and read this article about Roxy Music.

#2 Wait in the Car — The Breeders (October 2017)

Good things are made to last, and The Breeders’ latest release ‘Wait in the Car’ doesn’t fall under this clichéd category, because loud punching rock doesn’t give a damn about that stuff. This is The Breeders’ first return to the studio since their last album Mountain Battles in 2008. Kim Deal opens with a firm “Good morning!’’ and the band follows in classic Breeders drum clashes and bass plucks. This seven-inch on the 4AD label will be limited to 1,500 copies in three different variations, and will be available in select independent record stores. They’re also playing the Dublin leg of their tour on the 16 October.

#3 Blue Dreamers — Kid Lib (September 2017)

This is the A1 side of Kid Lib’s tripped and heavy jungle release on the label Foxy Jangle. Over the years that Kid Lib has been releasing some high quality drum & bass sounds on labels like Green Bay Wax, and Phat Bubba Records, this UK producer has been recrafting that all so familiar 90s jungle sound with his own style and kicks. Foxy Jangle is the new sub-label of the Ireland-Belgium born vinyl label Rua Sound, which has been representing the underground sounds with the likes of TMSV, Touchy Subject and Sam Binga. This can only mean good things for those that like their music fresh off the press — get it while it’s hot.

#4 Mechanical — Verb T & Pitch 92 (September 2017)

This is what happens when you combine one member of UK rap group The Four Owls and the strange mind behind the Mouse Outfit collective — AKA Verb T and Pitch 92. Released on High Focus Records, ‘Mechanical’ was released as a teaser for their new collaborative album which is being released today, entitled Good Evening. Some sparkling keys and funk drum kicks paint a landscape behind some personal and frank verses about living a mechanical life, losing control, and trying to “take control and create independently’’. The video was made by Astroknight, and limited edition pressings are availale now.

#5 To Feel Your Best — Kaitlyn Aurelia (September 2017)

Kaitlyn Aurelia is an experimental electronic composer whose 2015 and 2016 albums demonstrated the musical character of a woman who has a passion for combining ancient musical traditions and sounds with modern electronic technique. ‘To Feel Your Best’ is from her new album The Kid, which was released today on Western Vinyl. The track opens with a soothing thump behind warm vocals chanting in harmony over cosmic synthesisers.

Photo credit: nicoleeec/Flickr

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