5 new(ish) records that you need to hear (issue #1)

Music is food for the soul, and those moments where we can spend time doing nothing but listen to these beautiful sounds are precious. Wasting no more time, here’s some delicious, fresh audio nourishment.

#1 The Gate — Björk (2017)

This is the first track to be released from Björk’s upcoming album, as yet untitled, which will be available this coming November. She says this is her “tinder record’’, and The Gate is the first of these love songs that we have the pleasure of hearing. In a sort of haunting vibrato, we are reminded of the beautiful power in Björk’s voice. Listen here.

#2 You are Me and I am You — Jesu & Sun Kil Moon (2017)

A collaborative effort by experimental-guitar-electronica artist Jesu, and folk-alt-rock artist Sun Kil Moon, on the album 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth. This track opens the album, and the lyrics take you on a journey through a very real conversation between a son and his father.

#3 Cloud Riders — Tori Amos (2017)

This year Tori Amos graced our lives again with her new album Native Invader, and this track is one part of the narrative that makes up Amos’ story of protest, ancestry, and memory. A creation from an innovative musician and storyteller — treat yourself to her melodies, and heartache here.

#4 Exalter — Forest Swords (2017)

Chill is the order of the weekend — at least for some of it. From the album Compassion, by British producer Forest Swords, this electronica soundscape is part of a larger illustration of modern day protest, and according to the artist the techniques used to make the album reflect the amalgamation of real and fake news in our world today. Have a listen.

#5 Happy Gallopers (Mr. Bird Jazz Remix) — Savages (2008/2016)

Not new at all, but a great tune nonetheless from an outstanding album that you need to own. Savages (now one half of Savages Y Suefo) is a one man music oddity from Budapest, and his 2008 album Five Finger Discount was reissued last year. If you can’t find a copy, don’t worry because Youtube has you covered.

Photo credit: nicoleeec/Flickr

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