Media Space and the Research Space

This is not a commercial project. And it is not purely academic. While there are a lot of gains to be made from undertaking research within the structures of academia, this research has been deliberately placed outside of those structures. Being outside of those structures means being exposed, but the potential gains of maximum reach and participation - which are crucial to the success of the NIMIR Project - make this exposure worthwhile. As a very public piece of research, protecting its integrity is priority number one.

Media coverage is certainly welcome and encouraged. At the same time there are boundaries that need to be acknowledged and respected when these two spaces merge.

To respect...

1. Each participant's right to anonymity.

2. The non-commercial identity of the NIMIR Project & separateness from third party commercial activities.

3. The researcher's right to privacy & to progress the aims of the project without unlawful interference or obstruction.

Lazer Guided Reporter
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