Research Log (updated monthly) Last update: May 2019

1. Interview #1 completed: currently drafting an article to be shared over the coming weeks.

2. Attended and presented at the Exploring Gender Dynamics in the Music Industry symposium in The Netherlands, at the University of Groningen on May 17-18.

Featured article

The MA dissertation, entitled Why are there so few female Music Producers?, was inspired by previous claims as to the estimated number of women music producers in the music industry. Several articles on the subject quote a figure of "less than 5 percent", with one claiming that this figure is "generous".

Combining the lived experiences of women working in Ireland's music industry with theory, and further research into the history of gender representation on the covers of Hot Press and Rolling Stone, the figure of "less than 5 percent" lost some of its weight. It's more so a question of visibility.

The Nationwide Irish Music Industry Research Project continues on from this research on a broader scale and a more inclusive agenda. The question of visibility guides this research, and over the next few years it will investigate the relationships between space, identity, music and power.

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