Posted by on February 1, 2018

The first release on Irish record label Arcane Records was recently dropped on our senses. Set up around the middle of last year and residing in Ennis, Arcane Records left us hanging at the edge of our wits with the lead up to their first release. The label had a solid entry onto the Irish scene, and appears set on doing something to our musical sensibilities.

ARC001 / Darad’s Slampiggy EP was released on December 14 last year. We begin with an ear sharpening prophecy of life in the rhythmic dance machine in ‘Slampiggy’. Track two, ‘Generic Car Chase Scene’ is a journey into an industrial megaplex of techno energy. Darad is a techno DJ and producer from Limerick, and the debut artist on Arcane. The EP is available now on Bandcamp.

You can also tune in to Arcane’s podcasts on Soundcloud.




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