Posted by on April 29, 2018

Long standing jazz and blues group, John Conneely Inc. are gathering once again as a trio for the remainder of series of gigs at the Black Gate Cultural Centre over the coming weeks. These intimate performances are coming to an end, with just three dates left.

John Conneely Inc. is one of the pioneering faces of the local music scene in Galway and the group plays every Sunday evening at the Roisín Dubh. The John Conneely Trio are three members coming together over a shared love of jazz music, blues riffs, and swing rhythm. The Black Gate has over the past year become a much loved space in Galway, which I would put down to the enthusiasm of the staff for all things music, community and wine, and the warm atmosphere you feel when you’re there.

The appreciation that these musicians share for music really shines through. You can catch the Trio this coming Friday, May 4, at 10pm at the Black Gate. Admission is free.


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