The NIMIR Project runs solely on passion and very strong cups of coffee

Get involved by sponsoring a piece of the budget. Contributions to the NIMIR Project will be acknowledged in the published summary report.

The NIMIR Project is inspired by the experiences of people in the music industry – experiences that are affected in complex ways by structural inequalities which play upon ideas of branding, bodily regulation, and image management. Now, with certainty and confidence in the research direction it’s finally taking off. Knowing that every cent will be coming from my own pocket has not deterred me in the slightest.

However, the generosity of kind observers is very much appreciated and will be of massive assistance in helping this research progress towards its goal – to examine the lived experiences of people in Ireland’s music industry, in order to shine a light on the deeply embedded relationships between identity, representation, and the commercialised spaces of a commodified music culture.

NIMIR Project Budget

Annual flat fees

WordPress subscription: €300

Domain registration: €26

Estimated Annual Costs

Bus travel: €375 (based on a prediction of 15 interview trips outside of Dublin) + approx. €90 (Dublin bus travel)

Promotion (materials, events): approx. €200

Sponsor the NIMIR Project – any and all donations welcome!

All donations will go towards the NIMIR Project budget. Note sure what to donate? How about sponsoring my next coffee? Or a one way bus ticket to my next interview? Or the return journey home? Please leave a note in the box if you would like to be acknowledged in the summary report. - Yvonne Kiely, LGR /NIMIR Project Contact me at: LGRSOUNDS@GMAIL.COM


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