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Lazer Guided Reporter was created in 2017 by Yvonne Kiely. Over a period of 12 months LGR evolved from a space purely for music reporting to a research oriented space, and the current site (Version 5.0) represents a merging of the practices of music journalism and academic research.

Yvonne's previous writing can be found (largely) on Medium (2017), The Circular (2017), One Night Standing (2015-2017), and more recently The Chatbot digital magazine, where she contributes as a sex writer. Working around her nine-to-five job as a research assistant at Dublin City University National Centre for Family Business, LGR is a passion project that pleasurably (and with small doses of insomnia) consumes her evenings and weekends. She avoids total insanity by dancing in basements in Galway and Dublin.

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The Nationwide Irish Music Industry Research (NIMIR) Project

The idea to create an open access music and gender research platform became a reality in 2018 and the NIMIR Project was designed and crafted under the Lazer Guided Reporter banner. The NIMIR Project explores the relationships between branding, bodies, and cultural production, while drawing insight from the lived experiences of those working in the music industry in Ireland. With this focus on the processes of image management, a more nuanced investigation of identity, power, music and space will unfold. Read more about how the NIMIR Project is being conducted here.

In February and May 2018, two articles were published which detailed certain findings of the MA dissertation, Why are there so few female Music Producers?

The first focused on the broader picture of gender representation in music and findings from the interviews, and the idea of gendered space in the music industry. The second article detailed the magazine research; data on the gendered media histories of Hot Press and Rolling Stone covers. Combined, these articles were read in over 60 countries. This could not have been achieved without the support and appreciation of gender research by the female:pressure network.

In October 2018, Yvonne presented her research (pictured right) at Taking Back the Web, the second annual Critical Media Literacy Conference at Dublin Institute of Technology. In 2019 she presented at the Exploring Gender Dynamics in the Music Industry symposium at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands.

Forthcoming publications: Chapter in Media Narratives in Popular Music Culture, published by Bloomsbury Academic (2020)


Periodically interviewing eligible participants.
Content analysis of magazines running parallel to the interviews.
Public participation encouraged through the website.
After the project end, a summary report will be compiled and shared.
Lazer Guided Reporter
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