About Lazer Guided Reporter

Lazer Guided Reporter is an Irish publication, based in Galway, dedicated to giving all faces of the local music community visibility, recognition, and a voice. While holding a megaphone to the sounds around us, Lazer Guided Reporter explores and investigates the music industry on a broad scale, with clear and forthright intention.

Lazer Guided Reporter is a not-for-profit publication. This means independent eyes on the music scene. No ads, no Bono, and no journalistic flim-flam.


I began writing about music in 2015, and have been working, writing and abruptly shouting across the digital landscape as a freelance journalist ever since. My writing has explored the music industry in some detail at a local and macro level, as well as topical issues of gender, identity and sexuality in the industry and in music media. On LGR I aim to combine local music reporting with original, socially penetrating research. Working as a full time academic researcher, with a personal passion for critical media literacy, has provided me with the tools to bridge the gap between ‘academic research’ and ‘public good’.               Yvonne Kiely

Contact: yvonne.kiely5@gmail.com

Interviews and music reviews from 2015 – 2017: https://onenightstanding.weebly.com/

Writing & interviews on sex legislation, music, art, social change, investigative journalism and sexual politics – 2017 reporting on The Circular: http://thecircular.org/author/yvonne-kiely/