Gnomads & Galactic Groove Records present: Genepool w/ special guests and psytrance appreciation

One of the eclectic faces of the underground scene, Gnomads is a musical organisation that aims to support psychedelia in Galway with musical gatherings. Gnomads has been on the scene for the past year, and now brings the first gig of 2018 to our deviant minds. And they’re not alone.

Joining Gnomads in this celebration is the psytrance label Galactic Groove Records. Based in the South of Ireland, this label has been promoting and supporting new and established psytrance artists in Ireland for the past four years. Next weekend, February 17, these two sinuous psyches join forces to bring out the best of these sounds in Galway.

Supporting the wavy sounds of Gaillimh

Fair dues to everyone that celebrates music in Ireland; gig promoters, musicians, organisers, and otherworldly gig dwellers. In the country’s four corners there are healthy and varied electronic music scenes. It’s like everyone has their own mix of flavours to varying degrees of each other. And it seems fitting that Gaillimh has it all out for psych, on top of the other bits.

Supporting the wavy sounds of this town next Saturday in The Loft, at 8:30pm, are Gnomads and Galactic Groove Records.

Headlining the night is father and son act Genepool. This energy inspired psytrance act have been featured on previous releases on GGR, and have an upcoming debut EP which they will be giving a taste of at this gig. The night also features the head, arms and legs of Galactic Groove Records, Digital Specie, who will be giving it extra for some special birthday celebrations. Another GGR signed act, Psychanix, has it out for your cerebral sanity. And coming from Gnomads itself is Psynon, easing you into the madness at the start of the night.

Lifetime access for one very special gig dweller

Gnomads are offering one lucky gig dweller lifetime free entry to their events. To enter, go to the Gnomads page, and follow the instructions. Sure, go for it.





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